Prusa Head Quick Release Cowl

Just wanted to share my modified Prusa head to allow quick access to Heatsink, Hotend, Thermistor, Pinda, etc. Thanks to Tom114 for his “E3D fan with integrated layer-fan ( by Tom114” I’ve modified this slightly to enable an easier quick release, applied some nut locations for the fan (just heat the nut up and push them into the locations) and a finger lever, again to make the removal easier. I’ve modified the Orballo Stl’s to allow the use of the Fan Cowl. And will be doing this for Original Prusa stl’s as well. Cowl can be used on Anet heads as well if you so wish.

youtube video

Thingiverse Link and Files –  Click Here

Prusa Steel – Y Axis Mods

Decided to make some alterations to Prusa Steel, having had some issues with Igus Bearings (Y Axis Shifting, slightest mis-alignment with Igus on linear drive can cause problems, so wanted to eliminate any variation) gone back to classic bearings. I’ve also had the Y Axis shafts slide out of the frame due to the pick up.

Heat the M3 nuts up using soldering iron and press into locations. Use all original screws, except on the belt clamp, they are M3 x 20mm. The belt clamp does make tensioning the belt a lot easier, has to be done with the heatbed off. Will design an adjustable tensioner next.


Thingiverse Link : Prusa Steel Y Axis